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alien one combines a fantastic selection of amazing climbing surfaces that all fit ingeniously into the vaulted ceiling of the former church building.

Many of the features were hand crafted on site and are truely unique, an unusual and welcome surprise in a world that is becoming ever more franchised and "mass-produced". Your first word on entering alien one is likely to be "Wow!"

From easy slab to wildly overhanging roof there is something to inspire and challenge every climber whatever their ability and wherever they have climbed before.

To maintain long term interest and provide a variety of challenges, the majority of climbing "routes" to the top are removed, cleaned and changed around on a 4 monthly basis. There are around 200 different routes to keep you entertained.

The walls provide top-roping, leading and bouldering in one location.The 40 top-roping lines provide much of the entertainment with the rope providing protection from above.
For those climbers with more experience, the 12 overhanging lead lines provide a greater challenge, since they must clip the rope into protection points as they go.

Each line usually has three distinct colour-coded routes to the top made of individual bolted on holds. These "bolt-on" holds come in thousands of variations of shape and size from tiny fingernail sized edges through to double handed "jugs".

Climbing without a rope is available in the fully matted bouldering wall (up to 4.8 meters high).
The wall varies from vertical to 45 degrees overhanging.
The main, larger bouldering facility for alien rock is now situated nearby at alien bloc .

Before climbing, all climbers must register at reception and new climbers must fill in a membership form (membership is free!).

An experienced registered climber can sign-in up to two beginners (of any age). Another option for inexperienced climbers is to attend a pre-booked beginners course. Hire equipment (boots, harness ,belay device) is also available.

All climbers under 18 years old must have a completed alien rock parental consent form.

Groups of novices (more than two per experienced climber) must be taught by a qualified instructor.

While not climbing, the reception area also provides drinks, snacks and climbing equipment for sale (in the Tiso shop).

For bus and travel information see the location page.

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alien rock, 8 Pier Place, Edinburgh, EH6 4LP vat registration number 634 842 921
For all bookings telephone 0131 552 7211, enquiries email us at aliens@alienrock.co.uk