Woman climbing on blue and orange wall

Alien Bloc wil be going for a soft opening as of 11am Saturday the 24th June 2017.

As part of this process we are moving over to an online digital registration system, you will be able to complete this either online here, see link at bottom of the page or at alien bloc or alien rock.

You can view an example of what you will be signing here:

Experienced climber who knows the ropes and wants to climb at alien rock and alien bloc. example

Person who only wishes to boulder at alien bloc example2

Please note you must be over 18 years old to use the online registration.
Those between 14 and 17 must fill in the digital registration on our premises with
their parent or Guardian present.
Under 14's must be supervised and under direct supervision at all times.

So to sign up as an experienced climber who knows the ropes sign up here

Or if you only want to boulder sign up here

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alien rock, 8 Pier Place, Edinburgh, EH6 4LP vat registration number 634 842 921
For all bookings telephone 0131 552 7211, enquiries email us at aliens@alienrock.co.uk