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Sorry but due to the current covid-19 restrictions we are unable to offer any courses or kids clubs at the moment. The following information pertains to normal times.

How do you get the rope to the top of the climb to start with ?

If you want to learn how to progress from "top-roping" routes to "lead" climbing then this course will teach you to how it is done with confidence.


The course will cover more advanced rope techniques, belaying a climber "on the lead", all about gear used and the skills required to lead in an indoor environment!

Experience the adrenaline of being "on the sharp end" of the rope!

This course is a 3 hour course and requires a minimum of 2 participants.

Cost for the course is £100 on a 2:1 client - instructor ratio.
Cost for the course is £150 on a 3:1 client - instructor ratio.
Cost for the course is £200 on a 4:1 client - instructor ratio.

All courses are run at alien one.

Courses must be booked in advance by telephone on 0131 552 7211


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For all bookings telephone 0131 552 7211, enquiries email us at aliens@alienrock.co.uk