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times for alien two

year round

Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday 3pm to 10pm
Friday 3pm to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 7pm

Christmas and New Year Opening

Day Date Times
Fri 23-Dec  3pm > 9pm
Sat 24-Dec 11pm > 5pm
Sun 25-Dec Closed
Mon 26-Dec Closed
Tue 27-Dec  2pm > 9pm 
Wed 28-Dec  2pm > 9pm
Thur 29-Dec  2pm > 9pm
Fri 30-Dec  2pm > 9pm
Sat 31-Dec 11pm > 5pm 
Sun 01-Jan Closed
Mon 02-Jan 3pm > 10pm
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alien rock, 8 Pier Place, Edinburgh, EH6 4LP vat registration number 634 842 921
For all bookings telephone 0131 552 7211, enquiries email us at aliens@alienrock.co.uk