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alien two

alien two is our dedicated bouldering wall just a short distance from alien one .

There is no requirement for previous climbing experience since climbing can be enjoyed with just climbing shoes and a chalk bag.


There are over 300 sqm of varied angled walls from slab through to an outrageous 8 meter long roof. There are hundreds of different climbing "problems", more than enough to keep both novice and experienced climbers entertained for many visits.

The handholds are a mix of permanent hand moulded features and colour-coded bolted-on holds. The "bolt-on" routes are removed, cleaned and changed on a frequent basis to maintain continual interest and endless challenges.

All the climbing problems are above deep foam matting to cushion the landing should that last slap for the final hold miss. Even with a big mat present, climbers should ideally climb down from the top rather than jump , thus reducing the likelihood of injuries!

Before climbing everyone needs to sign in at the reception desk. Under 18s must have parental consent and unless a member, must be supervised at all times.

There is warm air heating throughout the winter and in the summer the large warehouse doors can be opened to keep the place cool. With the sun pouring in of an evening, the climbs feel almost outdoors !

There is plenty of free parking and a rail to lock cycles to outside the building.

For bus and travel information see the location page.

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alien rock, 8 Pier Place, Edinburgh, EH6 4LP vat registration number 634 842 921
For all bookings telephone 0131 552 7211, enquiries email us at aliens@alienrock.co.uk